How to join the Overhaul Bids Network.

Access to the world's largest pool of Aircraft Engine Overhaul Projects.

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Overhaul Bids is the only website in the world dedicated to aircraft engine repair. We are improving the way this industry markets for new customers. Here, you only pay for a customer after they pay you. Before Overhaul Bids, this industry was relying on word of mouth and PIREP’s from online communities for reviews. Now there’s one place where aircraft owners can make a decision on engine repair, and shops don’t have to waste their time with risky and ineffective traditional marketing.

Directory of Engine Overhaul Shops

On our 'find shops' page, we have a complete directory of piston engine overhaul shops in the US. Actually, we have spent hundreds of man-hours hunting down and talking with every single one. You might say it's an obsession and you wouldn't be far from the truth. So, if you don't see your shop on this website, let us know right away. If you see a shop is missing from our list, it's because they've asked us to remove their profile. But, think about that for a second. Why would a shop want to remove their listing from a website that displays reviews? So, maybe it’s a good thing customers can’t find them here.

Bidding Shops

Although we have around 75 shops on the website, only a fraction of that are allowed to submit quotes. We’ve handpicked a network of the best shops in the country who are authorized to submit proposals. But, we are always looking for more quality shops, so if you have a good reputation in the industry and would like access to a pool of potential customers that you can attract your way whenever you want, give us a call.


Being the new kid on the block, we have the pleasure of being judged unfairly at face value (insert sarcasm). Talking with shops, we’ve heard the following complaints that come with premature judgment. Please allow me to set the record straight.

1. This website is all about getting the customers the lowest price.

If you're looking for a website that is oriented toward low price, go to - Here we only have shops who compete on quality. If I wanted the lowest price, I would have invited the guy who says he can do a 'new limit' overhaul on a Continental IO-550-C for $21.5k. I call 'BS'!

2. A website is too impersonal. I win my customers by talking with them on the phone

Websites do take the personal element out of things in order to gain efficiency. I agree with that. But, do you think any aircraft owner would spend $20-50k without talking to anyone first? They will call the shops of interest on the phone before making a decision. The only difference between this and what you do now is the owner who calls you from this website will already be interested in your price so you can spend all your time on the phone just making them feel comfortable and working out the remaining details. So this process is actually more efficient and effective than letting everyone pull you off the shop floor for a quote (half of whom would never consider your price or have time to understand how you justify it).

3. I'm concerned I'll that one customer who is going to submit a bad review when I've done everything right.

We understand there are a few crazy customers out there. But, no review will hit your profile until we approve it. If a negative review posts, we will call you immediately to see if it’s legitimate. Only legitimate reviews will make it to the public eye. Reputation is everything in this business and we are here to help you build yours, not to destroy it.

4. I don't want other shops to see my pricing

They won't. Only website admin and the customer can see your proposal. The only thing other shops can see when quoting a project is who has already submitted quotes on it.

5. I don't have time for this

If you don’t have time for this, this is perfect for you! You probably don't have time because you're constantly being interrupted and pulled off the shop floor to give quotes to people. Most of whom are not interested in your price but won't mind taking 15 minutes to pick your brain. Sound familiar?

With Overhaul Bids, you can go online and submit proposals whenever is convenient. Any customer who calls you'll know is interested in your price so you can convert more of those calls into customers by just making them feel comfortable with you.

If you don't want to talk to customers at all, I can handle the communication for you. I talk with every customer anyway, so this isn’t a big deal. The shop floor is probably where you want to be anyway.

Why Should you Join?
Expanded Reach

You can reach more people than ever possible on your own.


Unlike traditional marketing where you pay up front for a CHANCE of getting a customer, you don't pay a dime here until the customer PAYS you. Furthermore, Overhaul Bids will be more effective than traditional marketing because we only attract people who need services that you offer.

Load Balancing

Some shops only use us only when they are slow to balance their load. Others use us all the time. You have complete freedom to quote as you see fit. This isn't a "use it or lose it" situation here.


Our system is simple and easy to use. Unlike your shop phone, you can use this website to submit bids 24/7. It takes less time to submit an estimate here than it does on the phone.


Our website helps aircraft owners verify your reputation with reviews. Now more people can have confidence in selecting your trusted shop over others. Besides, no one actually believes testimonials on your website – you need a third party to be credible.


Overhaul Bids donates 10% of its profits to charity. We let users pick 1 of 4 organizations once a year so money goes where our users want it to.