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Shop Selection

Don't worry about picking the wrong shop. We spent 5 months on the phone with every overhaul shop in the country (75+) and narrowed down the list to the top 15 shops. We see more than $30M of overhauls in a year.

The old way is to get local recommendations from people who may see a couple overhauls per year. Or find unreviewed shops on the internet and roll the dice

Getting Quotes

This doesn't have to be time consuming. Take 2 mins to request quotes and get them all delivered in one place. Sit back and let the best shops compete for your business.

The old way is to spend hours leaving voicemails, playing phone tag, and sorting through your busy inbox for disjointed quotes

Analyzing Quotes

This doesn't have to be difficult. We display all major factors in plain, understandable language. You know probabilities of events, and can see at the glance which shops have the best value. Export the spreadsheet and add options outside our network.

The old way is to ask the shops questions on the phone, get the answers they want you to have. Build your own spreadsheet from scratch and hope you don't have any surprises. They cost thousands by the way. Fingers crossed?

Learning About Overhaul

Absorb years of information in a few hours. Get our comprehensive learning center emailed to you in 22 short articles at your pace.

The old way is to find highly specific fragments on the internet and hope you've thought of everything.


Get unbiased support from Overhaul Bids experts

The old way is to get support from the engine salesman at the shop

Time Spent

3 Hours with Overhaul Bids or 27 hours by yourself


Decide with confidence. Everything we do revolves around helping you make a confident and well-informed decision.

The old way feels insecure, uninformed, and time consuming. We've been there and saw the need.

What Others are Saying

Pilot Reviews

Your service is a lighthouse in a storm of ignorance
-Charles H.

I'm a chief pilot for a fleet of private aircraft and the Top Gun version was perfect for presenting options to the owners in Microsoft Excel. I was also able to use that spreadsheet to add a local option.-John W.

Thanks for being my mentor! Lots of good info and advice.
- Chris T.

To be honest, I'd be lost without you.
- Alan R.

I was really impressed with the Premium version. There's no way that I could have thought of all the comparison factors on my own. This is a huge benefit to the GA community. -Todd F.

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Press Mentions

Overhauling Overhauls

Many owners find themselves bewildered by the process of completing an overhaul. It was for that reason that one man took on the task of researching every piston maintenance shop in the United States...- read more

Engine Overhaul Help

Engine overhauls give even the most experienced aircraft owners a case of the willies. Beyond the "it's going to be really expensive," there are numerous issues to face and decisions to make - choosing a shop; deciding on the type of overhaul, or a factory reman... - read more

An Angie's List for Eng..

On the day that Alan Depauw's third child was born, a brief story about the launch of his new business Overhaul Bids appeared on GA News.

As he sat in the hospital room with his wife and new son, he remembers getting an email that a project had... - read more

I love it! What's it cost?

There's 3 ways to do this:

1.Free - Recommended if you're more than 6 months out because the details don't matter as much. You'll save time getting quotes, learning, and picking shops. But you'll struggle seeing the difference between quotes and it won't be easy finding the best value

2.Premium - Recommended if you need to make a decision in the next 6 months. We do the hard work of breaking quotes down into an Apples & Apples comparison so you can spot the best value right away. No details are left out and you can decide confidently without wasting your time.

3.Top Gun - Recommended if you're a presenting options to a decision maker or want to add a local option to the spreadsheet. Basically you can export everything to excel to present or to add options outside of our network. And yes, you really do get the founder's personal cell phone number :)

Ask yourself two questions

1. What is your time worth?

2. Would you spend $50 to ensure a good decision on a $15,000 - 150,000 investment?

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Standardized - Apples & Apples Side by Side Comparison
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22 Articles on Overhaul
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